Mornings with Mommy Registration
Hello! We're glad that you are interested in the Mornings with Mommy program 2021-22). We would like you to fill out the registration form to get to know you and your child(ren), and to be prepared for any special needs. You can register for one or more play dates.
If you have any questions or prefer to register by phone, please contact Nicole Westra at: Thank you!

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 Dec 16th - Pajamas & Breakfast -- Happy Birthday Jesus Party!
 Feb 17th 2022 - Love, Flowers & Valentine's Day
 Mar 17th - Winter Days: Snowflakes, Hats & Mittens
 Apr 7th - Butterflies & Easter - Jesus is Risen!
 May 19th - Sparkles, Muffins & Mother's Day
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I hereby give my consent as the parent/guardian of the above named child/children to attend/participate in the Mornings With Mommy program at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (6020 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd., Fairport, NY). My child and I hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless the church, its employees and/or volunteers from any and all liability from any claim, injury, or loss sustained by or during my child's participation during Mornings With Mommy. (Checkbox below)*
Photo release: I hereby authorize Prince of Peace Lutheran Church to take and use photography and/or video of my child for crafts, keepsakes, or promotional purposes in any type of media and understand I will not be compensated for any such use. Please type your name in the box below agreeing with this consent form. (Checkbox below)
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