Grow with Us in the Word
We offer a variety of Bible Classes to help you and your family grow in your faith and your relationship with God.
At 11:00 am, following the Sunday morning worship, we have Sunday School for children (pre-school – 8th grade), teen Bible Study for the high-school students, and adult Bible Study.
We also have a variety of Bible Studies meeting during the week.

Christian Decision Making

We constantly face decisions in our life and we can sometimes have difficulty deciding what to do. In this Christian Decision Making Bible study, we will be led to trust God's love and to be confident that He will guide our steps. Lessons explore scriptual principles on making God-pleasing decisions, and how people in the Bible made either wise or foolish decisions.
Every Sunday after Fellowship, at 11 AM


Teen Study – “Everyday Youth Discipleship”

Our older teen Bible study currently is titled “Everyday Youth Discipleship”. Every Sunday, the class watches a video skit reflecting "real world" challenges that teens / students often face, and then discuss how the Word and Christian love and patience can help over come them. Some videos are a main question posed to teens who are then interviewed for their perspective and answers. Likewise, we look to the Word and see how rich with answers it is.

Every Sunday @ 11:00 AM
Great discussions for today's teens 

Christ Light for Kids

Our Sunday School teachers are currently using a program called Christ Light for Kids.  Christ Light is a rich learning experience where kids discover the light of Christ’s love and learn to reflect it in their lives. Each week the children learn a new Bible story and take home materials that bring the light of God’s Word into the home.

Prince of Peace would love to assist you in providing for the spiritual needs of your children through our Sunday School program. Our Sunday School program runs each Sunday morning (Labor Day through Memorial Day), 11:00 am to noon, for kids age 3 through 8th grade.


Growing in Hope

…exploring God’s message

   finding the peace he brings…
"Growing in Hope" is our course in basic Christian teachings of the Bible.  It is an overview of all the Bible's teachings. This Bible study is for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding the Christian faith. It is ideal for the person who has not studied the Bible much, as well as a great review and encouragement for life-long students of the Bible.  Those who are interested in Prince of Peace as a church home will gain an understanding of our church's teachings and practices. 

There is no commitment to membership required to take this course, simply a desire to learn.  Please consider this course as a way to grow in hope and faith. The study is available year-round at flexible times and dates to fit your busy schedule.  Session are held at various times to accommodate those who desire to attend. If you are interested please contact Pastor Westra or register here to schedule an introductory session.