Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship, 9:30 am

At Prince of Peace you’ll find a warm welcome, friendly smiles, and the greatest news ever told. 


What is a Sunday Service like?

  • You will be warmly greeted by members of our congregation.
  • You will be given a Service bulletin/guide and guided to comfortable chairs in the sanctuary.
  • Pre-service music will help you focus your heart and mind for the upcoming worship service.
  • Pastor Westra will share a sermon message focused on the amazing love God shows us in our Savior.
  • The congregation will sing hymns (about 3-4) though out the service.
  • Pastor Westra will present a sermon that is bound to make us ponder the mercy and grace given to us by Jesus (often with a story that will make you smile).
  • We will join together for prayer to thank God for his many blessings, most importantly the forgiveness we have in Jesus, and to ask for his continued guidance, love, and protection.

Other questions you may have:


Do I have to dress up?

    •    We do not have a dress code; wear whatever you’d like. We are glad to have you and won’t turn anyone away or give any dirty looks. Generally, many people dress with a casual reverence.  They wear comfortable clothes, but still show respect to the all powerful God.

Will I have to give money?

    •    The offering collected during the service is for the members to support the ministry of the church. Do not feel even the slightest bit obligated to give! You are our guest. We don’t expect anything from you. We are just glad to have you with us.

Will people be pushy?

    •    We believe that church membership should be a voluntary thing, and that the most important thing is to trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and salvation. It takes time for this to be cultivated. People need time to evaluate and decide if they wish further involvement. We will respect that and won’t pressure you to join. But we do encourage you to worship with us again. Visit us on several occasions and make an informed decision for yourself.

Come and hear God's Word, the good news of the love and peace that comes from Jesus Christ. You’ll be glad you did!