Sunday Bible Study
Last updated on January 31, 2019

The Book of Genesis: "Everything New"


Genesis, however, is more than an account of new places and faces. It is, above all, the story of the Lord's great love and compassion, which "are new every morning" (Lamentations 3:23). It's the record of his first dealings with fallen people and his first promises of a Savior from sin. It's the wonderful story of a patient and merciful God, and it's the first chapter of his plan of salvation, which will see its culmination someday in our home in heaven, where he will again make everything new for his people.

Lesson 1   – God Reveals Himself -- We Glorify Him (Creation)
Lesson 2   – Sin's Consequence -- Sin's Cure (The Fall)
Lesson 3    – God's Response to Sin: Justice and Mercy (The Flood)
Lesson 4    - Making a Big Name (The Tower of Babel)
Lesson 5    - God Strengthens Us for the Battle (Abraham, Part 1)
Lesson 6    - In the World, but Not of It (Abraham, Part 2)
Lesson 7    - Spiritual Victory through Personal Defeat (Jacob)
Lesson 8    – Turning the Other Cheek (Joseph)

Starting January 6th to February 24th
Every Sunday after Fellowship